Elevating fashion industry professionals and creative entrepreneurs within the military community by showcases and collaborations.

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WWI pilots first used the phrase, “I got your 6”. It spoke not only of having your back, but of loyalty, camaraderie and ethos. The GY6 Show mission is to elevate fashion industry professionals and creative entrepreneurs within the military community by showcases and collaborations. This year our goal is to host three virtual fashion shows that highlight military veteran and dependent owned brands as we celebrate creative expression and unity for New York Fashion Week.

2022 SHOW

February 2022 GY6 Show

January 28, 2022 (Barksdale AFB, LA) — B. Carroll Events LLC presents GY6, a fashion showcase of veteran and military spouse designers and brands. The show is led by two Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year Program Award recipients, Bree Carroll and Latoya Scott. Together they bring back the virtual runway event that highlights military-affiliated creatives parallel to New York Fashion Week on Friday, February 11, 2022, at 8:00 p.m. EST with an overarching message of comradery.

GY6 Show debuted in 2021 with a theme of love and unity as the precursor to Military Marriage Day, a national holiday founded by Bree Carroll, event creator/producer, and the 2021 Armed Forces Insurance Air Force Spouse of the Year®. In 2022 the production highlights fine arts and is becoming a platform sought after for veteran and dependent creatives. World War I fighter pilots first used the phrase "I got your 6" (GY6). It speaks to how military members look out for each other and of loyalty, camaraderie, and ethos. After the pandemic threatened the businesses of many, including our military affiliate creatives, the GY6 Show has become a platform to connect brands to larger markets and educate aspiring creatives on how to sustain their business.


2022 GY6. Show

"My hope is for GY6 to continue building a platform that will; inspire fashion, promote fashion, and create fashion within the military community.”, says co-producer Latoya Scott. Scott is an international business coach, founder of Final Touch Models, Farbe Magazine, FTM Fashion Week and 2020-2021 AFI Camp Lejeune Military Spouse

of the Year. Scott and Carroll are not only bringing together up-and-coming designers, but also master mentors who can equip small business owners and encourage fashion lovers. One of those mentors will be Moni Jefferson, founder of the Association of Military Spouse Entrepreneurs (AMSE). “It's an honor to join GY6 in amplify-

ing the creative talents of veteran and military spouses – and to offer two of the up-and-coming designers free AMSE memberships! At AMSE we are strengthening the economic opportunities of our nation!s military families through entrepreneurship. The resources these creative entrepreneurs will receive from this membership will equip them to thrive on the runway, and in business, for years to come.”, said Moni Jefferson AMSE CEO/Founder.

This two day event will kick off with the Business of Fashion, a workshop and panel focused on supporting creative entrepreneurs. Night two the partnered fashion event will live-stream collections from veteran and military spouse designers and brands and give a platform to under-recognized talent in the fashion industry. Participat-

ing fashion, apparel, and accessories brands include Damien Lee, Michelle Collins-Windle, Ailana J., ICONI, and R.Riveter with talent support from Final Touch Models and military spouse volunteers. The 2022 GY6 Show is presented by B Carroll Events, LLC, Farbe Magazine & FTM Fashion Week.

“This year we bootstrapped the production keeping it in house, which gave us the freedom to look at how we

could best serve our designers and those who would tune in to enjoy the show.” Carroll says. “2022 is about encouraging my military community to be confident and bold as we move strategically towards our goals. This

goes beyond fashion, we want to create a movement of support that shows that when you win, we win. You don’t have to figure it all out alone. That’s what GY6 is all about.”

"First Command is proud to support the inaugural GY6 event,” said Kellie Richter, First Command!s chief marketing and client experience officer. "As financial coaches serving our Nation!s military families, we have long recognized that service members and spouses who are deeply committed to each other are best positioned to pursue lifelong financial security for themselves and their families. We congratulate Bree Carroll on her initiative to create an energetic and unique production for members of our community to shine.


Virtual Shows


Show Dates Coming Soon



JAPAN 2023

North Carolina 2023

The Gy6 Experience

Global Virtual Fashion Shows


Two FTM Fashion Week Designers invited back for GY6 Show and FTM Showcase.

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New York Fashion Week

gy6 in nyc

Military Designers Highlighted at NYFW

Highlighting military affiliate fashion designers is the ultimate focus of the GY6 Show. In 2021 the buzz of the inaugural event sparked interest in the military community and beyond. Through AMSE's industry network GY6 Executive Producer, Bree Carroll was able to attend a NYFW experience and through those relationships secure an opportunity that would shock the 2022 GY6 Show Designers. "We want to give a platform and shine a light on our veteran and military spouse designers." Carroll shares. Co-producer, Latoya Scott announced that GY6 Show Designers had been invited to New York Fashion Week by Nolcha Shows as their special guest.

The Nolcha Shows are a leading award winning event, held during New York Fashion Week, for independent fashion designers to showcase their collections to a global audience of press, retailers, stylists and industry influencers. Over the past eleven years the Nolcha Shows have become established as a platform of discovery; promoting cutting edge innovative fashion designers through runway shows and exhibitions.

Stay tuned for more on GY6 Show at NYFW!

GY6 Show 2021

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Latoya Scott

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